In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.
-Albert Schweitzer

Monday, August 23, 2010

one day late but still full of love

Happy Birthday Elder Dallin Hill
Clarks brother Dallin is in Texas
on his mission and we miss miss miss him!
Sunday was his birthday, the big 20!!
So Happy birthday to a great elder!

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th OF July

thanks to jenny i stole pics from her blog for mine! i forgot my camera on the 4th(i know good mom award goes to me!)
we started it by going to the chester area breakfast and ate our food while freezing, thank you idaho weather! then off to the ashton parade! love little town shindigs!

all of us freezing

glad that we got one family picture. all decked out in our coats and blankets! hee hee

me and todd with the candy collectors, some more skilled than others

it finally warmed up and so out came grama and grampa n's pools (the bigger one with hose water and bubbles, the littler one with warm water and babies)

tanner, painter, hunter, emma, and lily(minus and swimsuit)

I LOVE that we all live some what close enough that the cousins all know each other and LOVE to play!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yes I am a totally loser and slacker! But our fun summer has kept me away from blogging. So get ready for a long post! Just use your imagination and fill in all the blanks with lots of sun, fun, allergies, outdoor, fourwheeling, fires, bikes, naps, and laughter!!
Well first off me got new family pictures and Jenny once again did a freaky good job!
Painter and his love for anything with a motor!
Lily just being her girly self!

Nothing cuter then these two together! They are HOOKED at the hips!

I love my little girly!

Emma and Lily enjoying a little joy juice!

My parents, Jenny and her kids, Justin and his kids, and Me and mine all went to the zoo one day! Super fun!

My cute mama and Painter

My dad and us with the fighting bears!

Ashlee the baby whisperer with Lily and Emma

Painter and Ryker

Painter was in control of the tiger!

Lily's first birthday bash/Fathers day at the Hills

Happy birthday lily!

a little birthday swinging!

Painter giving Lily her birthday kisses!

We took Painter to the Circus at sandy downs one rainy night! He rode a rather large, trunky mammal!

Rain Rain Go Away!

Painters 3rd birthday at the blow up place in the Rex! ( hes happy now that he has some pop and cake)

Happy 3RD Paint! He is an attention hater!

His Birthday Bike!!

Todd and Jenny invited us to go to the lagoon comp to watch Ash, and so Amber jumped in with us and we had a blast! Lagoon, Panda Express, Tai Pan, Hill Air force Base, Swimming, and tons of fun!

Todd, Emma, Paint, an Clark after a fun ride!

Lily enjoying a little unsupervised alone time!

Painter and His "digger"! He spends almost all day on this everyday! Like Father like Son!

Friday, April 2, 2010


FIRST THING.. go to the bottom and work up or else you can just read it backward!
ALL of the Hills(Clalks family and kids, Grandparents, and one uncle) went to California to KnottsBerry Farms and then on a cruise to Ensenada Mexico the end of Feb. for a vacation! It was a BLAST! All 21 of us had a WONDERFUL time!

Lily had RSV and an ear infection when we got home! To much fun and not enough rest I guess!

Painter slept in the stroller for 3 hours he was so tired but it made getting through the airport and sitting around easy!

He loved his funny thing!

The kids favorite ride!

Long Beach board walk

Painter Climbing the tree like Clark!

Clark Climbing some random tree!

Long beach CA Cutest little boardwalk!

Getting off the boat, sad yet exciting day!

Painter LOVED the animals on the beds at night! He would carry them around hugging them and kissing them! Saying "Look they gave this to me!"

Last nights dinner!
Lily being all tricky!

Painter playing "gumballs" he LOVED this!

Taking in some sun on our WHITE bodies!

The boys at the COOL pool!

Heading out to the pool!

Painter would have spent all of his time in the little arcade! He knew how to get there! And Yes he is in PJ's, he wanted to play and it was late so we said fine we are on vacation!

Windy night on the ship

"Yummy dinner, now its bed time!"~lily

So windy and the kids did not want to take a picture but I won!

Heading back to the boat! Look Close Paint fell asleep and used the visor on the stroller as a place to prop his head up! So funny looking, people looked at us a little crazy for a while!

Shopping in Ensenada Mexico!

Lily and Painter in Lily's crib

Dinner was GREAT

First night on the boat and First time looking off the deck! Crazy!

Getting ready to pack up and head to the ship!

Long beach, CA so pretty! Clark really liked the equipment tracks on the beach, made him feel right at home! :) Painter LOVED the water, we stripped him right down to his underwear(we didn't bring a swimsuit with us that day)! He played in the water and even peed right in his underware while standing in the water!

Painter and Broc sharing treats while the adults are riding the roller coaster!

Fastest Farris wheel ever!

Train Ride, Knotts Berry Farms

Kids First Plane Ride, they did really good too!

Painter Helping out at the Airport!

The night before the trip was spent in the ER with Painter. He woke up and his tongue was swollen again really big so we took him in at 2am. They had a SUPER hard time finding a vein so that they could get the iv going so after three different trys (his elbow and both hands) they finally got it in, sort of, so that it would work. They got the meds going and it kicked in and started to help out! Luckily, poor kid! His tongue was swollen and sore for the first 4-5 days of the trip and then it went down! He was a trooper though and barely ever complained! Me and Painter went out sick and Clark and Lily came home sick, but it was such a fun time that I did not really care!
He is trying to smile and be happy in the picture but he really didn't like the band-aids, he links them to the needles. He still tells me "Mom I dont need a shot anymore!"